Ying - Floraya

She is my little cat girl, she arrived in Eorzea on the 18th of February 2020 to find her adventure! The start was a bit bumpy but she fought her way through bravely. She found companions and friends who didn't stay long. But that didn't stop her and she continued on her way. She parted every gil together to have her own home where she can feel comfortable. Then she got a little house in Shirogane and made herself comfortable! So that she can find peace there after hard fights.
She had a nice neighbour, but she didn't know what to expect. The Highlander waved at her regularly, tried to get into conversation with Flo, but my little cat was a tough nut to crack.
But then, sometime after 2 months, the two of them started to really talk to each other and became inseparable.
My Flo got a marriage proposal and she accepted it with great joy. We got married on 9.8.2020!
Since that day, they have been travelling together most of the time, fighting their way through all obstacles as tank and healer.
They stick together in good times as well as in hard times!